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A rising tide floats all boats

(This short editorial exists to clarify our position on a story reported by WANE yesterday, where our position on the issue was relegated to the last paragraph with a paraphrase of our position.)

Yesterday, WANE reported on a new Google initiative that received support from Fort Wayne’s mayor, Tom Henry. Its (rather ungainly) title, “Get Your Business Online Indiana,” described, basically, a toolkit for small, independent businesses to establish a basic web presence. It includes an easy-to-manage Google business listing, a year’s worth of domain name registration and hosting, and a platform to easily build a website.

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Need a responsive image carousel for Shopify? Here you go.

As you might be able to tell by our Twitter feed, we really love the developer community. Rather than be boxed in some proprietary, closed system, we embrace open-source and open community frameworks — if we need to solve a problem, there’s a chance someone else already solved it.

Sometimes, though, no solution surfaces, which gives us the opportunity to build a solution, and give back to the developer community.

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Site Launch: Peg Perego USA

Peg Perego Homepage BreakpointsIt’s been a big month at Reusser Design. A short while ago, we launched Peg Perego USA’s new website. Two additional sites to support multiple languages (one for Canada, and one worldwide) will be launching soon.

We’ve loved working with this international company (they make strollers, high chairs, and other baby products, as well as riding toys for children). With a long, family-owned history with Italian roots, they’ve expanded to a headquarters in the US (right here in northeast Indiana!) and Canada as well as their global headquarters in Italy.

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Responsive website launch for Hoosier Pattern, Inc.

Breakpoints of Hoosier Pattern's responsive website: from left to right: a desktop view, a tablet view, and a smartphone view.

It’s rare that a manufacturing website can garner so much excitement from a group of internet professionals. But when we saw what the fine craftsmen and women at Hoosier Pattern, Inc. in Decatur, IN were doing, we knew we had to take this project.

Hoosier Pattern makes, as their name would suggest, patterns and molds. The product they make will go on to serve as the form for parts in cars, trucks, boats, consumer appliances — you name it. How the heck do we help them reach a targeted industry if they target every industry?

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An interview with Andy at the GatherContent blog!

We love GatherContent. It stands out among the array of web tools that exist to make our jobs easier. When we build websites that have a complex content structure, GatherContent lets us present the client with a very simple, easy to understand way of collecting it.

We love their blog, too! Rather than publish post after post about how great their product is, they provide helpful resources for content strategists and web-focused copywriters. Our content strategist, Andy Welfle, geeks out about most of the articles they share.

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Content Blobs vs. Chunks: a real life example

by Andy Welfle
Reusser Design Content Strategist

I’m loving this article over at A List Apart that talks about the battle for presentation control between a web designer and a web content creator. For someone (like me) who has to try to explain this division every day to clients who don’t understand why they “just can’t make this font different and tweak the color a little bit”, it gave me a lot of good, simple reasons why clients should turn over as much of the style over to the developer as possible.

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Responsive Site launch: Fort Wayne Airport

The newly-redesigned views, from left to right, in a desktop view, a tablet view and a smartphone view. Site design by Reusser Design, LLC.

Northeast Indiana is home to two great airfields: Fort Wayne International (FWA) and Smith Field (SMD). They’re overseen and managed by one entity, the Fort Wayne-Allen County Airport Authority.

The Authority (as we like to call them) came to us last year with a problem: How do they take three separately branded websites for each of the airports plus the over-arching Authority site and merge them into one unified site, while still clearly indicating separate facilities?

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Why we switched to a 4-day work week

Reusser Design switched to a four-day work week, increasing productive time while minimizing interruptions.

Recently, Content Strategist Andy Welfle gave a short presentation about how we work: he reported on many of the ways the modern workplace is not set up to facilitate work, but rather interruptions. (Check out this video by Jason Fried of 37Signals and his thoughts on interruptions.)

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