Web Design & Brand Strategy for Fort Wayne Toothpaste Company

Have you ever stopped to consider what you’re brushing your teeth with? Sure, on the outside it looks like toothpaste. What about the ingredients, though? Most toothpastes contain sand and harmful, abrasive additives that hurt the tooth enamel and gums.

Why do we care about toothpaste, you ask? Simple. One of our ongoing clients is Fort Wayne toothpaste company, Dentisse. (Yes, we said Fort Wayne toothpaste company!) Dentisse Premium Oral Care is the brainchild of dental researcher, Mark Putt. His specialized formula has passed every test when it comes to whitening, low abrasivity, and polishing. The “toothpaste guys” at Dentisse, as we endearingly refer to them as, are absolutely wonderful to work with on an ongoing basis. We have a great time bouncing ideas back and forth when it comes to brand strategy, website design, and ecommerce solutions.


Our work with Dentisse has involved web development, social media management, brand strategy, email marketing, SEO, and more. It’s also involved becoming personal brand advocates of the awesome toothpaste. Seriously, almost everyone in our office uses Dentisse in their own household!

If you’re at all curious about trying Dentisse for the first time, they have a sample program on their website. Additionally, keep an eye out for their social media pages. The company is running a 25% off deal for April Fools’ Day this year – no joke! The promotion will start on 04/01/17 and give you 25% off your entire cart until the end of the week using the promotional code APRILFOOLS. We hope you’ll enjoy using Dentisse as much as we do!