Reusser Welcomes Interactive UX Intern

Hailing from Leo, IN, Eli recently graduated from Herron School of Art and Design at IUPUI and joined our team as an Interactive UX Intern. He wanted to gain experience working on web team and learn from the talented developers in our office who have been in the business longer than him. He has a user-centered design education and wanted to combine that with the realities of working within a deadline and a budget.


He spends his day designing small brands, crafting and revising wireframes, and developing websites. Eli also helps with internal illustrations, animations, and one-off advertisements when the need arises. While he gets his hands on some larger projects, he primarily sees small web projects through from design to development.


I am thoroughly fascinated by the potential of modern web technology to delight and communicate.
– Eli Crow, Intern

Professionally, Eli aspires to develop more enjoyable and human ways of working, especially in creative industries, and to develop unusual, immersive, interactive web experiences that surprise and delight. He dabbles in interactive “nonsense” through web experiments and game development. When it comes to hobbies, Eli enjoys all things creative. He’s been known to compose illustrations and practice lettering, but he gets most of his energy through singing, playing guitar and piano, and writing music.