App Design | Symphony by WaterFurnace

When you hear about a company named WaterFurnace, your mind probably assumes that they build water furnaces, right? Wrong. WaterFurnace is a company located in Fort Wayne, IN creating smarter homes from the ground up – literally. WaterFurnace uses the Earth’s surface to power geothermal HVAC systems. What this means is that instead of using gas or electric to heat and cool a home, the geothermal system taps into the free energy from the ground to provide you with consistent temperature control.


1200x630WaterFurnace reached out to our team to assist them in building the web and mobile app UI for the geothermal HVAC systems. Symphony by WaterFurnace was a very exciting opportunity for us to work with this well-known Fort Wayne company.

“It was very exciting the first time I made a change to the iPhone app and saw the change reflected on the physical thermostat. We’re extremely happy with the way the Symphony website and mobile apps turned out!”
– Austin Drummond, App Developer

Austin noted that those changes could also be made from the website and the Android version of the app.

We had a great time working with the brilliant and creative WaterFurnace team. Speaking of creative, their marketing department took home several awards from this year’s local AdFed Awards ceremony. If you want to learn more about how geothermal heating and cooling works, head over to their website and check out the helpful resources.