Fort Wayne Travel Agency Website Redesign | Land Cruise Inc.

If vacationing around the United States, in a bus, with people you don’t know doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you’ve clearly never traveled with Land Cruise Inc. This Fort Wayne travel company specializes in quality service, unforgettable moments, and travel experiences you’d only dreamed of until now. In fact, their “bus trips” are rarely referred to as the generic, run-of-the-mill term. Instead, a travel experience with this team is known as a Land Cruise. We had a great time bringing life to this company’s website. Upcoming destinations are easily accessible, and the site features some of the beautiful photography from each Land Cruise.

land cruise FB

Here’s a word from “cruise director” himself, Merrill Phillips:

If you have never taken a Land Cruise trip, I guarantee that you are missing out on a wonderful travel experience. When you cruise with Land Cruise you travel in safe and luxurious custom coaches. We visit wonderful destinations throughout the United States and Canada. Stay in clean and secure overnight accommodations, dine at some of our nation’s finest restaurants. Visit historic and whimsical sites; experience unique shopping; and meet new friends.

Sounds fun, right? The folks at Land Cruise Inc. are headed for Sarasota’s Lido Beach Paradise in March. There’s still a few available seats so be sure to check it out. And remember, “it’s not just a bus trip…it’s a Land Cruise!